Tony’s Fab February Six

Tony’s Fab February Six


Stock number 769 Heuer Autavia MH bezel

This makes my list for many reasons but to be honest the first is I wear it nearly every day!, When Omega launched the Speedmaster Ultraman I really liked it but sadly it is still a new watch and so lacks something whereas this Heuer has a strikingly similar color layout but also carries the unmistakable character of a true vintage sports watch.

Stock number 745 Omega seamaster big crown

What’s not to Like 1960’s 37 mm stainless steel dive watch with a bakelite bezel and a stunning near perfect electric blue dial


Stock number 5001 Girard Perregaux dress watch

Jumbo vintage dress watches are always striking but when we purchased a substantial collection from a family for me this piece stood out ,by no means the rarest or most expensive but a watch that for me is pure class and although large for the time due to the simple designs large in those days didn’t mean in tying a brick to your wrist so that everyone knows you spent 100k on watch that you haven’t a hope in hell of ever reading the dial so pray no one ever ask’s you the time!

Stock number 801 Nivado chronograph

Gold Chronographs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I defy anyone not to admire this piece not just because of its remarkable condition and fabulous Valjoux manual winding chronograph movement but the dial! in the flesh it’s just beautiful.


Stock number 815 Omega Flightmaster Mk11

I added this piece to my selection this month for two reasons firstly its remarkable condition but also as a tip for the future as prices on many watches with aviation links climb daily I think the flightmaster is a bit of a sleeper

Stock number 816 Speedmaster 145 022 .69

Regular visitors will no both of us are Speedmaster fans and have had many fine examples on this site however I had to pick this example out as the condition is really quite remarkable


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