Vintage Watches. The latest craze

Maybe it's just me, but wherever i look these days I seem to see vintage watches. (The theory doing the rounds at The Watch Collector is that i might be slightly obsessed!) I can't help feeling that the whole vintage watch market is going through a significant surge in growth. And surely the fashion and cultural zeitgiest suggests this craze is here to stay. There are theories that the revival in particular of 50's and 60's watches is due to men and women of a certain age embracing pieces from their birth years. For my own part I think mid 20th century pieces represent a seminal moment in design and construction and people are craving the authenticity of those period pieces. And why not, there are some superb examples of those around at the moment. I've got more than my fair share i have to admit. Watching the multi oscar winning La La Land recently i found myself joining in the discussion of exactly which watch Ryan Gosling was wearing in the film.  It's clearly a vintage omega, and i congratulate my Gosling on his immaculate taste, and theories vary from a Constellation or Geneve to a 1950's rose gold version.. My own thoughts, for what they are worth,  is that it's a 1950's vintage Omega Seamster and i have something very similar in my own collection, attached to a similar strap as well!  A beautiful watch and I was delighted to see it feature so prominently in a film that seemed a celebration of a by gone age. On another note whilst perusing the latest version of SalonQP i noted with interest the QP panel discussion covered this very topic. I would urge all lovers of watches vintage to take a look and listen to this conversation amongst some of the acknowledged experts. if ever there was any doubt in your mind about the validity of buying a great vintage watch i think this discussion would dispel it    

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