Selling my collection. Why? (Oh why oh why?)

Some years ago i read that the Louvre gallery in Paris typically displays around 8% of it's permanent collection at any given time. EIGHT PERCENT! I have spent many hours walking the endless halls of the Louvre and it was a figure that astonished me. Yet that French bastion of culture is not alone, with an average of just 5% displayed by the worlds great museums and galleries. I was giving this some thought over the summer as I sat in my study brushing the dust off a treasured piece i had neglected for too long. Needless to say I still get a thrill from 'rediscovering' a watch i had almost forgotten I owned. And the display cases that sit in my study are a constant reminder of the passion I have for my collection. Yet now it has grown to the point where i couldn't usefully wear my collection across a year and my thoughts turn to the idea of what I do. I love to share my collection with others who share my passion and I know there is almost no bigger thrill than to get my hands on that "box find".  Which is all a long winded way of saying the only real way to continue to enjoy my passion in the way i like to, was to consider dealing in watches rather than simply collecting them. And so this site was born. How do I feel about selling watches? It's a mixture of sadness to see them depart but also delight at the opportunity it gives me to fill that space. And then I think about the custodians of the Louvre and the treasure buried in their vaults. But mostly I think about new pieces I can now buy!

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