About this watch

If anyone was ever in doubt just how spectacular the art of watchmaking actually is then this is the watch for you and if this doesn't convince you buy a smart watch !

I make no apology for my flippant remark,we live in a consumer world where an item is purchased because of the function it performs, well this watch can show the time and thats all it does,or is it ? Hold it for a while and look at it really take a look and you get drawn into the mechanical hand wound movement ,every piece engineered by hand and delicately engraved with such fine detail that this timepiece surpasses its function and becomes a work of art of the highest order.

Part of a very limited run this piece is number 69 as demonstrated by an engraving on the movement ,The other engravings are the manufacturer Corum and Swiss for the country of origin as well as 97B for the caliber of the movement

The delicate movement is held in a 36 mm fine gold case with crystal front and back ,The crystal is cleverly designed so that each facet becomes the hour marker.

Fitted to an original Corum crocodile strap this is truly a watch you can wear knowing you will never meet someone wearing the same piece.

Our stock number 6064