About this watch

This is one of only two know brass/ gold plated Megaquartz 32Khz prototype watches ever made. The Megaquartz 32Khz was Omega’s high end in house quartz movement throughout the 1970’s, they were range toppers and the price point really did dictate the quality of the watches, they simply where the best.

This unique prototype is running a pre production version of the calibre 1310 under the designation 1312, the motor unit differs from the production watch slightly as do a number of other components.

The 37 mm watch case is brass/ gold plated, with a unique serial number stamped along the non crown side of the case. It also has unique numbers on the movement and case designating it is indeed a prototype.

The watch is presented on its original crocodile skin band with gold plated Omega buckle.

This is a stunning and unique watch for the true connoisseur and collector, you will never find another example and the only other known example is owned by Omega themselves.

Our stock number T171