About this watch

“Grail” watches are often spoken about and it’s fair to say everyone’s “grail “may be different and so mine may surprise some people. Quartz watches as mentioned on this site many times in the past can be frowned on by many collectors as is seventies styling add to that an obscene amount of yellow 18 ct gold and a blue adventurine dial and I admit when I first saw an example of this watch I wasn’t hooked until I began to appreciate just how advanced this watch was and still is  ,when it was released at Basel world in 1974 a run of just 200 which is rumoured to have sold out within two hours at the price of £3,600.00 in 1974 !!

Sad to say when so few were made that due to the high value of Gold many of these great watches are no longer with us so just how many remain is anyone’s guess.

The adventurine dial on this piece appears in pristine condition but I have to be honest and declare that like so many if you look very hard you will see a couple of cracks running across the dial ,on a Rolex some would call this a spider effect and in the right light is simply breath-taking and each piece is completely unique.

The watch is fitted to a new Omega  strap with Omega clasp and comes in the correct Omega box

The watch weighs 123 grams and most of that is 18ct gold

A great opportunity to purchase a true marvel of watchmaking and an exceptionally rare piece and I guarantee at a price you will never see repeated.

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