Historical Returns

Recent media coverage such as these articles below well document the phenomenal returns careful watch collectors have seen over recent years. These returns have continued when other more tradition investments have suffered through global downturns, recessions, and other acts of God.

Collecting and investing in watches is an area that is continuing to grow due to worldwide growing demand and shortage of quality supply.


"With the current demand for vintage watches showing no signs of letting up it’s never been a better time to look at their investment potential, says Paul Maudsley, International Specialist-Director Watches at Phillips in London." "No one would have taken you seriously 30 years ago if you told them that come the new millennium, their money would be better off in old watches than savings accounts, bonds or shares."

"The value of premium second-hand watches has ticked up even in the tough economic times of late."

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"We see thousands of new people interested in vintage watches every year, and explosive growth in values, and this is just over the last five years or so."
"Prices for some watches have doubled in the past 12 months and, like other markets where there is only a limited number available, prices have to go up."

"The price of the most collectable second-hand wristwatches is rising by 5 per cent a year thanks to their old-fashioned appeal."

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Our portfolio of recommended watches can be tailored to your tastes and desires as well as offering the best chance of significant growth.
We are able to do this using years of experience, contacts and proven results. That is why we are happy to provide our buy back guarantee.

Much of this optimism derives from the performance of vintage watches over the last few years using reliable independent price tracking. This shows the performance of a typical collection of say 6 key pieces and how that historical trend could be extrapolated into future growth. As always it is not my intention to make rash promises, merely to show that a carefully selected collection could not only offer years of enjoyment but make your money work just as hard, and in some cases harder, than other forms of investment.