About this watch

The Heuer Monin is one of the most renowned professional divers watches of the late 1970’s/ 1980’s. They were made to the highest quality and the 42 mm case (excluding crown) made them an instant hit with both sports and professional divers alike.

 The cases where made by Brevet for Heuer but what isn’t as well known is they also supplied the case to a number of other high end Swiss Manufacturers, including Aquadive. Aquadive is one of the most famous watch companies of the 1960’s and 1970’s, famous for producing commercial divers’ watches, including 1000M compressors. They produced a range of very well made, high end divers watches catering for all levels of divers from sports through to professional.

 This Aquadive ‘Monin’ dates from around 1978, it is in remarkable condition and has just been recently serviced by Simon Freese watch makers and comes with the full balance of a 12-month warranty, it has also been fully water tested so can be used just as it was originally intended.

 What sets the watch apart from others is the gorgeous multicolored dial, designed for better visibility for divers it really is something very special and reminiscent of the famous ‘racing dials’ of the 1960’s.

The watch has an amazing wrist presence and really is something to behold, the detail is stunning, right down to the original silver bakelite bezel. You wont see another one and certainly not one in this remarkable condition, grab it whilst you can.

Our stock number T162