About this watch

This is a true classic of design and contemporary cool, very similar in design to the chronographs worn by film stars throughout the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. The watch dates to approximately 1958 and uses the Lemania branded version of the famous Omega calibre 320.

Lemania watch company manufactured chronographs and non-chronograph movement for a range of manufactures, most famously Omega. They also produced watches under their own branding, which in many cases were identical to their Omega counterpart.

A three-chronograph version of this watch under the Lemania brand was owned by Winston Churchill and famously sold earlier this year for over £100,000. Lemania truly were one of the best Swiss watch manufactures of the period and owned by film starts, priministers and the general public alike, they were also issued to Her Majesties Arm Forces.

Steeped in this remarkable heritage this watch really is remarkable, the Lemania chronograph movement is pristine, the case in near perfect condition and solid 18 K gold. The watch is complimented by a near perfect and completely original dial in champagne with silver dial tracks, there is one tiny mark on the lower part of the right sub dial but other than that it is absolutely flawless.

This is a really very special watch, it is a wearable 33 mm excluding the crown and pushers and has a truly elegant design and wears incredibly well.

Don’t miss this very rare opportunity to own this stunning 18K gem.

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