About this watch

This rare Wyler ‘Clamshell’ Chronographs is the only example we have been able to find of this very special watch. Dating to the late 1940’s/ early 1950’s this watch was one of a range of early waterproof watches manufactured by high end Swiss makers.
The Wyler watch company are world renowned Swiss makers, achieving numerous accolades around the world for innovations, such as their Incaflex balance. They also owned the ‘Vetta’ watch company, known for their range of large waterproof Chronographs in the 1940’s and amongst the most famous and valuable early chronographs of this type, with good examples fetching well over £10,000 now.
This watch is in time warp condition, never restored and with the original two-tone dial. The dial has a wonderful patina and the original waterproof case is unique, being a front-loading clamshell which uses the outer bezel as a pressure ring.
This is a very special and rare piece, it is a very wearable 35.5mm excluding the crowns and with the famous Valjoux 23 movement inside. If you are looking for a truly unique chronograph then this is it, a rare piece.

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