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The word rare watch is bounded around too often nowadays but, on this occasion, we are supremely confident in our appraisal that this is not only a very rare watch but an extremely important one. It is one of only a handful of solid 18 K gold examples of Omega’s famous Mega quartz 2400 series of watches, their most accurate watch ever made and to this day one of the only wrist watches to be officially certified as a Marine Chronometer.

The Calibre 1510 was most famously produced with an aventurine crystal dial, nicknamed the ‘Stardust’. which was completely handmade, including the cases which were produced in Fontana Italy and only 200 were ever made. The dials are all handmade and took days to complete each dial, the electric blue paint is impregnated with aventurine crystal and sparkles in natural or synthetic light, no two dials are the same. The dial on this example is stunning and most importantly 100% crack free, These are very rare watches to start out with but in 18K gold with flawless dial it makes it very special.

The watches were developed in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s at a cost of 30,000,000 Swiss francs.

The total production run of calibre 1510 was also 1000 units, around 800 of which were produced in stainless steel with a variety of dials and 200 were produced in solid 18 carat gold with either stardust or electric blue dials.

The original list price in 1974 for a calibre 1510 was £604 in stainless steel and £3275 in 18 carat gold, by contract the Moonwatch was £134!

This beautiful example comes fitted to the original shark skin strap which wears exceptionally well.

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