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If you are reading this then you may well have experienced the thrill of opening the case of a 100 year old trench watch and researching the movement and revelling in the sheer joy of stepping back in history.

I realise from my own personal experience buying online can be a daunting prospect which is why I built this site. I’m a real person with a passion for vintage watches and meeting with likeminded people. So drop me a line if you would like to view anything in person as I’m happy to welcome you to my showroom in Cheshire anytime.

This website reflects me. I am a real person and would happily meet every single person who wants to buy a watch from me. However, I realise for many of you that might not be practical given I have sold watches as far afield as the USA and Canada as well as Brunei and continental Europe. So, to make the experience as genuine as possible I have invested in this website and spend a small fortune on high quality photography to present to you completely unedited, genuine pictures of my actual collection. There are no library shots of product on this site. Just the genuine article, in all their glory. Having said that once people see the product in person they are always surprised by the quality on offer which is by far the best outcome. It goes without saying though that every purchase comes with a 14-day money back guarantee and a personal 12 -month mechanical guarantee. I think it’s as risk free a purchase of a vintage watch you’re ever likely to get.

Every watch on this site has its own story, far more interesting that my own.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

The Watch Collector.

What Fellow Watch Lovers have to say

I am extremely pleased with my purchase and the excellent service I received.

Stephen D - United Kingdom

Superb buy, was offered more by someone the moment they saw it. Tony is spot on, its a great investment piece with one of the best dials for a vintage. Thank you Tony.

Derek F - Malaysia

Great knowledge of Vintage Watches and very service minded. Recommended!

Kai K - Germany

Good service. Quick delivery. Just great!!!

Klaas O - Netherlands

The whole transaction was a pleasure. The seller ist very recommendable and absolutely trustworthy. Thank you very much for this wonderful watch, Tony!

Friedrich - Germany
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Clients often ask me for advice on how to build a collection from scratch, but are concerned with the financial risk involved. As a result, I’ve created a way for them to avoid that risk completely.

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Have you got £13.7M on your wrist?

July 15, 2019

Have you got £13.7M on your wrist?

The answer is probably not, but the thrill is that you just might!  Which is why so many eyebrows were raised at the sale of the Paul Newman Rolex Cosmograph Daytona at auction for an eye-watering $17,752,500 (around £13.5m), paid by an anonymous phone bidder in 2017.

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Omega Speedmaster……………the watch worlds work horse

January 29, 2019

Omega Speedmaster……………the watch worlds work horse

You might be forgiven for seeing the title of this article on our blog and assuming we are jumping on the Speedmaster bandwagon, but we have been collecting and loving these watches since long before they became the fashionable and highly valuable things there are today. As we all know and Omega are taking huge pride in publicising this year marks the 50thAnniversary of the Moon landing and Omega Speedmaster Professional watches accompanying Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on to the lunar sur...

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Lets talk quartz………………… Omega Megaquartz

January 26, 2019

Lets talk quartz………………… Omega Megaquartz

Although commonplace now, quartz technology in 1969 was the equivalent of Porsche releasing a flying car today, the technology was an industrial revolution overnight and brought untold potential and wonders to the watchmaking world.

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