Omega Speedmaster……………the watch worlds work horse

Omega Speedmaster……………the watch worlds work horse

You might be forgiven for seeing the title of this article on our blog and assuming we are jumping on the Speedmaster bandwagon, but we have been collecting and loving these watches since long before they became the fashionable and highly valuable things there are today.

As we all know and Omega are taking huge pride in publicising this year marks the 50thAnniversary of the Moon landing and Omega Speedmaster Professional watches accompanying Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on to the lunar surface. It is also the year that Omega will re-launch the 321 Chronograph movement, a design that was the corner stone of the chronograph range from the mid 1950’s until the end of the 1960’s and is considered to be one of the most important chronograph movements of the 20thcentury.

As we all know Rolex is without doubt the most famous watch ‘brand’ in the world and indeed one of the most famous ‘brands’ full stop. Much of this is pinned down to their continual marketing and promotion of ‘brand Rolex’ along side the subtle innovation and fine tuning of watches such as the submariner. In my humble opinion the Speedmaster Professional Moon watch simply must be a close second, a watch that has gone through dozens of design tweaks and innovations, including numerous movements yet is instantly recognisable with a design that hasn’t changed to the layman since 1965 with the introduction of the 105.012-65.

Omega, like Rolex have pushed this watch in to the realms of stardom, they could not have marketed brand ‘moonwatch’ more if they tried, however what remains at the core of it is a watch that was introduced in 1957 and has changed very little ever since, despite being a completely different watch today than it was in 1957.

It is the only watch in Omegas range that has remained unchanged for decades and despite highs and lows for the company has never been dropped from their line up.

So what makes the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ so special, well its that Omega took a design, refined it and produced a watch that could withstand virtually everything man and space could throw at it. A watch that they have had the foresight not to ‘reinvent’ but to refine, it really is evolution not revolution. Whilst Omega themselves are one of the most innovative watch houses of the 20thCentury the Moonwatch is truly a watch that gives any Rolex a run for its money in regards to surviving the test of time and being as popular today as it ever has been.

The Moonwatch is a must for every discerning watch collector and what makes it so special is that it can be bought from as little as £2000 or as much as £200,000, yet on the wrist feel priceless.

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