A Personal Statement

A personal statement from me, The Watch Collector

"I'm often asked “would you do it”. Well, not only would I, but I also did. My business began as a collection that appreciated to the extent where dealing became a hobby and, eventually a profitable business.

If you love watches as much as I do there is simply no better way to invest in my view. A luxury that you can enjoy endlessly that will almost certainly appreciate. What could be better? Particularly now where there is so little investment opportunity with traditional financial institutions.

An appreciation of vintage items of any description is undoubtedly on the rise, fueled in no small part by the disposable income of baby boomers and generation X who are, in the main part, enjoying significant birthdays as well as unprecedented levels of wealth and appreciation for the art of mechanical expertise.

What’s more the golden era of the mid part of the 20th century is undoubtedly the sweet spot for a great many collectors and that period offers some remarkably good specimens. Undoubtedly, from my own perspective, if I was in it just for the investment opportunities, then there are almost certainly a couple of dozen watches in my possession at the moment that would provide me with a golden nest egg if I hung on to them.

But I’m a dealer by nature and love the thrill of the next chase and purchase so the need to hang on and realise the full appreciation of a piece isn't paramount to me. However, in recognising that the possible increase in value is an important consideration for many of my clients I thought long and hard about what that might mean for prospective buyers. And, more importantly how I can answer that question.

The simple answer was to put my money where my mouth is and promise any prospective collectors that if they are looking to invest with a view to protecting that investment. As a result I'm prepared to offer a full buy back guarantee subject to certain terms and conditions.

If you wish to put together a collection that offers the best investment opportunity and the chance to really treasure and enjoy that collection contact me today."