About this watch

MOD specification for the chronographs supplied by Hamilton, Precista, CWC and Newmark ensured that all four manufactures used the manual winding Valjoux 7733 movement along with identical dial layout and case size.

 This Hamilton dates to 1970 and is correctly signed and original. And could make possibly the coolest 50th birth year gift ever!

The dial is completely original and the lume has aged to a wonderful creamy tone.

The stainless steel 38.5 mm case wears very well today and not much can be cooler than wearing a watch that may have been worn doing Mach 2 and could possibly have seen active service during the past 50 years

The watch is in remarkable condition and if you have never worn one of these you will be surprised how well they wear ,size is great and given the job they were designed for I doubt any of us will wear one out .

The watch has just been fully serviced and so performs perfectly and is fully guaranteed for 12 months 

In stock and ready for worldwide shipping

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