About this watch

Circa 1915 this incredible piece titled campaign watch was just that ,this was a watch built to survive the rigours of trench war and the officer who purchased it did well . For although the dial may be signed Mapping this is in every other way a Longines watch ,the solid nickel case is signed Longines as is the calibre 13.34 movement .

Solidly constructed and with a dial that is clear and legible even in the dark ,even the quality of finish can be seen on the screw in lug bars ,no flimsy fastening here .

This was a Soldiers time piece and its one of those that I occasionally relish the time taken for more than a passing glance  and wonder why it was selected with such care by our officer ,what jobs did it time ,what missions relied on it to do the job it was painstakingly created for. The most important of which was to;

Simply to ensure our officer arrived home on time

Stock number 331