About this watch

This is one of the rarest Omegas Constellation models out there, it dates to circa 1958 boasting caliber 505, the Constellation series of watches were Omegas flagship timepieces, boasting their automatic chronometer movements. the Constellation brand is still in production today and still regarded as Omega flagship dress watch.

This example is extremely rare and special for a number of reasons,  it is never restored and never polished and is close to factory stock condition, the movement is in pristine condition showing no signs of wear and this reflects in the case and dial and in fact the whole watch.

The watch is larger than the standard Constellation model at 35.6 mm (compared to 34 mm) but the larger dial exposure and smaller/ thinner bezel makes it feel huge on the wrist.

The watch case is 18 K Rose gold French made (due to Frances import regulations around gold throughout this period) and was made and assembled in Besancon, where Omega sent the bare movements and dials.

The dial is the standout item on the watch, unlike so many it is never restored and retains its factory finish, there are few very light age spots on the dial but it really is the best we have ever seen.  The combination of cross hairs and rose gold Arrow Head markers makes this an extremely special example.

Price includes one stainless steel buckle
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