Let me help you put a collection together that I guarantee to buy back in three years if it doesn't increase in value!

The Watch Collector is offering a limited prospectus to collectors looking to put together a portfolio of beautiful vintage and contemporary watches with 'guaranteed buy back' in just three years.

The proposal:

  • Minimum £30k investment
  • A collection that will delight you and bring you years of enjoyment
  • Tailored to your personal tastes and requirements
  • Best opportunity of return for your investment
  • Take advantage of zero Capital Gains Tax
  • Guaranteed 'same state' buy back clause in 3 years

We believe this limited prospectus offer represents the lowest risk investment in a sector that has shown significant growth over the last few decades with a proven yield profile.

3-year buy-back guarantee

The proposal

We will put together a collection of vintage and pre-owned watches for you that offers you the best opportunity from both an investment perspective and in terms of your own personal enjoyment.

The Watch Collector has a range of watches and access to collectable pieces that have proven to increase in value over the last few years. A balance of vintage and contemporary pre-owned watches is one of the few luxury purchases that is almost guaranteed to increase in value.

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Our guarantee

So confident are we that your investment will grow over the next few years, that we will guarantee to buy back your entire collection, assuming they have been well cared for, in three years' time at the same price you pay.

We are certain that your collection will have increased in time during those three years but this guarantee gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your collection and takes away all the risk of investment.


Historical watch investment performance