About this watch

Blancpain are one of the most famous Swiss watch manufacturers of the 20th Century, famous for being the father of the modern diving watch when they introduced the Fifty Fathoms in 1953, developed at the request of two French military divers Captain Robert “Bob” Maloubier and Lieutenant Claude aspirant Riffaud.

Blancpain released a range of divers models after the original fifty fathoms,  As time evolved so did their watches, throughout the 1960’s the designs remained very much the same but then in the 1970’s they evolved, introducing a range of fifty fathoms with much more colourful dials and this beauty, the elusive Barraccuda……

A remarkable watch with 42 mm case it wears amazingly well, unlike the traditional external rotating bezel this model has the bezel internally, which is operated by a crown on the side of the case. The watch is in superb condition, the automatic  movement is running perfectly 

The watch truly is a stunner, the smoked two tone radiating dial is beautiful, with matching roulette style internal bezel in that super funky 1970’s case, it really is a watch to adore, wear and enjoy….

These are one of the rarest iterations of the most famous divers watch ever made and a worthy addition to any collection and a watch you can wear and be guaranteed no one else will be wearing the same ,or you could buy a modern dive watch and be the same as half the room ,I know what I prefer.

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