About this watch

Breguet have long been a among the very highest ranked Swiss watch houses ranked along side Patek Philippe and Audemars Piquet and when you actually get to handle alone its easy to see why the quality of a hand-built watch is easy to spot and this piece truly reflects that build quality.

It’s also great to see that this 39 mm stainless steel case has a sapphire crystal case back so you can see the build quality is definitely more than skin deep.The workmanship on the movement is truly outstanding.

Even the original Breguet rubber strap is of the highest quality.

The watch appears to have had very little wrist time although I do confess to some of that time being with me.

I cant recommend this piece enough, a quality modern sports watch from one of the most respected manufacturers which will be equally at home in the board room or beach bar and offers a nice change from its possibly better marketed competitors.

Stock Number 840