About this watch

Manufactured for only a relatively short period between 1967 and 1970 the Breitling Sprint 2010 came with either a reverse panda dial or the odd configuration you see here. It’s not quite a reverse panda, but it goes by several nicknames. Batman, Zorro, and Bowtie are the most popular nomenclatures.

The cases which are sometimes quoted as 40mm are in fact 38mm but the bezel makes up that difference taking the overall size to a thoroughly modern 40 mm .As with the best quality watches of the period the case is solid stainless steel .

This very early example from c 1967 runs on the the two register cam operated Valjoux 7730 which is extremely reliable and very highly regarded.

As you can see the dial has aged to a wonderful Rose colour which is highly prized by collectors.,These watches are regarded by many as a great investment for the future as the likes of Heuer Chronographs of the same period continue to leap in value

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