About this watch

Certina NOS LCD chronograph

Vintage LCD Chronographs are becoming highly collectible and sought after and few more than this stunning 1979 New Old Stock Certina LCD chronograph. These beautiful pieces are not to be mistaken with modern LCD watches, when new these where the absolute top end watches from relevant manufactures.

 What makes this beauty so special is that not only is it completely new old stock but it is also running the highest quality Swiss LCD movement, shared with the most famous of the LCD chronographs, the Breilting Navitimer LCD.

The watch has extensive functions and being a Swiss made movement is accurate to circa 5 seconds per month, even now. When new this watch was far more expensive than its mechanical equivalent and that is reflected not only in the build quality of the movement but also the case, it really is superb.

Grab an amazing piece of 70’s technology and for someone this would make the perfect special 40th Birthday present, a really rare piece, especially as its never been worn in 40 years.

Our stock number T184