About this watch

This gorgeous and remarkable Cristal 200M divers chronograph from the golden era of dive watches around the mid 1960's is something really quite special. Not only is it a stunning watch in its own right but unbeknown to many it is effectively the same watch as the famous Aqua-Lung 200M divers chronograph, which is fast becoming one of the most valuable diver’s chronographs on the market.

These watches used the same case and the same Landeron platform A. Schild chronograph movement, the only thing that separates this watch from the Aqua-lung is the bezel and the dial  configuration.

The dial on this watch truly is stand out, the matt black dial is highlighted by the silver sub dials and pink/ red outer tachymetre scale, its stunning.

 The 37 mm stainless steel case has never been refinished and is close to new condition, the bezel likewise and the dial and hands are completely original,

The watch has just been fully overhauled by expert vintage watch makers Simon Freese and comes with complete peace of mind and a full warranty. It really is a stunning and very rare watch, which will only appreciate in value over the coming years.

stock number T183