About this watch

This is one of the nicest early chronograph watches we have seen  for a long while, it is also extremely rare, it is a Cyma ‘Watersport’ clamshell chronograph, made in the 1940’s by the Cyma watch company. These large waterproof chronographs are without exception their most coveted watches. Not only do they have large 38mm (excluding crown) waterproof clamshell ‘ermetico’ cases but they also run the famous Valjoux 22 movement is again completely original and has been fully serviced and overhauled. The Valjoux 22 is a high grade 18,000 per hour with 42 hours reserve and was so successful it ran from 1914 to 1974, very special.

The watch is in remarkable condition, the gloss black dial is in perfect condition and has been tested on a Geiger counter, which confirms the original dial also retains its original radium luminous material.

The case is a very rare jumbo  stainless steel waterproof clamshell, it shows very little wear an appears not to have been polished. These  cases really are the ‘cream of the crop’ of period chronograph cases, they use an inner case which creates a seal by being screwed in to the outer case by four individual case screws, a very special thing.

These Cyma Chronographs are very rare and highly sought after, a similar example recently sold at auction for over £10000. This example is in stunning condition and really does stand out from the crowd. It is fitted with a beautiful Saffiano leather band, which compliments the watch extremely well.

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