About this watch

I am delighted to be able to offer this very special dive watch from 1967.

Doxa are a brand with a very strong following and all dive watches I have had from them have been very popular, yet I have never actually managed to source an example of this model before and as there are less than 100 known to exist it’s unlikely I will again.

What makes this Searambler 300 so special is that it is from the 1st series, which was produced only in 1967 and features a much slimmer 42 mm stainless steel case when compared to the later release and a no T dial

Doxa dive watches are a true divers  watch produced for that one simple purpose not sports watch to be worn in the board room and maybe then swimming for a length or two after a long lunch, no these were worn by the men who worked 300 meters below the surface dealing with incredible pressures and pitch black gloom. They were so good that Mr Cousteau not only wore one but also retailed them through his outlets in the USA

As I mentioned previously not only is this example very rare, but it is also in very good original condition. And comes recently serviced .

Fitted to a complimentary coloured NATO strap.

In stock and available for worldwide shipping

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