About this watch

If you are looking fora statement vintage 1960's dive watch then it just doesn't get much better than this stunning Doxa from c1970's

For those that dont know the name or understand the pedigree ,a brief background ,Originally started by watch repairer Georges Ducommun in his garage around 1905 he was honored in Liege, Belgium, and in the same year one of his timepieces won the gold medal at the Exposition Internationale in Milan, Italy. then in 1908 Georges hit upon perhaps one of the most important innovations of the era  In 1908 he presented his 8-day movement and in 1910, Georges registered the name DOXA. DOXA - Greek for GLORY and a company built on a foundation of innovation and excellence.

Doxa like many other companies merged with others in the late sixties and throughout the seventies and during this period Doxa watches became dual branded Synchron. 

The movement is the Doxa 118 automatic with date which is housed in the solid stainless steel 42 mm case, make no mistake this is a serious dive watch aimed at  professional divers ,every bit the equal of a Seamaster 300 or Rolex submariner. In fact many would argue that this watch has features that make it superior than its prestigious rivals ,the saw tooth bezel is one such example or the fact that at its inception in the 1960s, this was actually the most tritium ever allowed on a wristwatch and on this dial under blue light a fact very clearly demonstrated .The dial was designed solely for functionality, with the maximum amount of tritium used in order to make the hands and indexes as legible as possible underwater.The unidirectional bezel is particularly innovative for featuring the official US Navy Air dive table for no-decompression dives. 

The crystal has a slight scratch above 6 and seven but it in no way detracts from this amazing original piece

I could go on but I hope you get the message I love this watch it was designed to do a professional job and do it very very well ,the ultimate tool watch ?,perhaps but if not very close ,you decide.

The watch also benefits from the addition of a NOS period tropic strap 

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