About this watch

Great to be able to offer you another special watch from the superb dive watch manufacturer Doxa

This example is the Doxa 300 Sharkhunter ,The watch is completely original and comes from a professional diver so this watch has been used in exactly the environment it was built for and has the added benefit of being professionally serviced and pressure tested in 2019 so if you wish you too can get wet with it ! The 42 mm stainless steel case is unpolished and original and shows just the right amount of character.

This is the early pre synchron version of the watch and dates to circa 1968, Synchron took over the company later and all then all later watches wore the Synchron logo. The original Black dial also sports the Aqualung badge used BY Jacques Cousteau to promote the sale of the brand through his retail outlets in the USA

Doxa dive watches are a true divers tool watch produced for that one simple purpose not sports watch to be worn in the board room and maybe the swimming pool for a length or two after a long lunch, no these where worn by the men who worked 300 meters below the surface dealing with incredible pressures and pitch black gloom. They were so good that Mr Cousteau not only wore one but also retailed them through his outlets in the USA

Fitted to a New rubber divers strap. This great watch is in stock and available for worldwide shipping

Our stock number 992