About this watch

This Dungena Chronograph really is something to behold, made in the early 1970’s it is an amazing chunk of a watch. The case (unlike so many of the time) is solid stainless steel with a Bakelite bezel and stunning matching electric grey and blue dial. The watch is running a valjoux based movement, which has just been serviced and overhauled.

The watch is in near new old stock condition and wears extremely well, the 40mm case was designed for sports use and as such it has a real ‘on trend’ sports watch appeal. This watch is the best of both world, true individuality with the highest Swiss build quality and you certainly will not see anyone else wearing one.

Dungena is one of Germany’s most famous watch brands, evolved from the Alpina watch company with a history going back to 1883 and still manufactured today. This example really optimizes the best of their post war efforts, a high quality chronograph which is Swiss made. It is an extremely eye catching watch, which wears well both casually and more formally.

This is the only one of this design type we have seen so you can be assured you are buying something that is truly individual to you and will be make a great conversation piece, especially from a little known high end watch company with such a rich heritage.

This watch also benefits from having been fully serviced by vintage watch expert Simon Freese and sop offers you vintage cool with modern reliability and an 18 month guarantee

Our stock number 718