About this watch

Watches with military provenance can now sell into the 100's of thousands today so its great to see a watch that has not only been issued to the very well respected Polish navy but also remains very affordable and is also a great looking vintage dive watch from a superb manufacturer.

Enicar launched their Sherpa line in the 1960s. Seapearl watches by Enicar accompanied the members of a Swiss expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest in 1956. Taking the name from the heroic Sherpa guides who escorted  European explorers to the summit, Enicar renamed their Seapearl line to Sherpa. During the 1960s 

This Enicar features the larger of the supacompressor cases manufactured by the famous ESPA company, at 41 mm the large case and clear dial made it a great success with professional divers and military forces and the internal rotating bezel was also a great innovation.

This example from 1966 is completely original even down to the crystal which shows signs of crazing due to pressures of diving ,many examples for sale have a modern plastic replacement but I like the original vintage tool watch look of this piece.

The 41 mm stainless steel case is correctly signed on the side rather than the case back .

This vintage military watch is a superb piece to wear now and I doubt you will meet anyone else with the same piece

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