About this watch

Introduced in 1956 the Enicar Ultrasonic diver is one of the seminal divers watches of the 1950’s and 1960’s, they are highly collectible due to their exemplary construction of gorgeous design. This example is as good as they come, it has been fully restored and refinished, including a factory quality refresh of the gilt dial and complimented by the original hands.

The word Ultra-Sonic appears on the dial although this is not the model it merely indicates that Enicar used ultra sound to clean all their watches.In the late 50's Enicar began supplying watches to mountain climbers. The Enicar Seapearl was given to the Swiss expedition team who reached the top of Lhorste and Everest in 1956. Following these successes  in 1956 they branded their explorer watches with the word Sherpa.

This Piece is one of the earlier model's demonstrated by the  broader lume on the hands and there is no red rotating ring between the crystal and bezel.The 36 mm stainless steel case wears very well.

Enicar has a rich Heritage as a brand, being owned by such icons as Sir Stirling Moss they are renowned for their high quality and durability, this example is the epitome of that.

These divers watches are considered amongst the ranks of the Omega Seamaster 300 and Rolex Submariner for collectiblity and desirability, in our opinion the Enicar is a more attractive watch than either of the others and the incredible hands really make it stand out from the pack.

The watch dates from the late 1950’s and is in exemplary condition considering its age. Vintage diver’s watches are becoming increasingly collectible and this one has everything a buyer could want, all the vintage heritage but look virtually brand new. This is a great opportunity to buy one of the most significant divers watches of the 20th century and a remarkable collectors piece.

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