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Excelsior Park were a very famous and highly respected watch maker ,even producing movements for Girard Perregaux ,Gallet and Zenith among many others .Sadly the well documented quartz crisis in the 1970’s brought the company down in 1983.Although like many other famous names the brand was purchased in an attempt to bring the brand back. It has to be said that the new venture wasn't commercially successful at that time although the watch they produced is the fantastic Excelsior Park Monte Carlo and that has become regognised as a bit of a classic.

To be fair the watch they manufactured was assembled from parts bought form other suppliers some of which had fallen fowl of the quartz crisis themselves, the movement had previously belonged to Brietling and all have the name removed from the bridge. However, the movement itself is the remarkable manual wind Valjoux 7740 as used in the Brietling 7104 among others.

The case is a great size at 43mm and solid stainless steel and has great wrist presence .I doubt that you will find another Monte Carlo that has also been fitted with a glass case back ,a feature I particularly like as you can really appreciate the workings of the movement.

The dial and sub dials are in amazing condition, original and unmolested, and the lume on the dial, the hands have lovely colour. Many articles are written about the dials and the likeness to the Zenith Cairelli, I have one currently on my site so take a look for yourself

The watch was fully serviced in 2018 so won’t need any maintenance for several years

Although these were produced in very limited number during the early 1980’s its fair to say they have a look and feel of a much earlier chronograph due in no small part that most of the components hail from an earlier time.

This a great piece offering an awful lot of watch and style for relatively little money and I can almost guarantee you won’t find anyone else wearing the same one.

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