About this watch

Sometimes I have to remind myself just how fortunate I am to be offered some exceptional pieces and this is just one such occasion.

The name Jochen Rindt needs no introduction to fans of motor racing his skill and achievements throughout a sadly short career are legendary and well documented, his association with the Heuer 2446 3rd execution is due to the fact it was for much of that career his watch of choice.

Any 2446 is a great watch but this is piece from c 1968 , I believe one of the most outstanding examples to come to the market for a long time, Not only is the watch in excellent original condition, but it also features the original and incredibly hard to find Tachymeter dial which was supplied as a special factory order, add to that the original Heuer bracelet which again is hardly ever seen and I doubt a more complete example can be found.

The Tachy dial as already mentioned was a special factory order and has many subtle differences from the standard dial, as a result of the tachy scale being placed on the dial edge the hour markers are slightly different and obviously the placing of the unique triangle shaped lume plots is different which also results in slightly shorter minute hands than seen on the standard 2446.

The 38mm stainless steel case remains the same as the standard 2446 although again the condition on this piece is superb. Likewise, the bezel is the 1-to-12-hour markers as preferred by Rindt.

The movement is the famous Valjoux 72 manual winding chronograph as also seen in other famous chronographs of the period.

This exceptional piece is in stock and ready for worldwide delivery.

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