About this watch

Heuer launched the Camaro in 1968 and it was last seen in the 1972 catalogue, the Camaro had one of the shortest production runs of all the models from the 60s and 70s, leading to their rarity today.

This early example is  running on the famous and highly regarded Valjoux 72 manually wound movement

This particular example is in  great all original condition, The case retains all its crisp angles and shows no signs of being polished ,the flips side is that as you will see the case shows some normal wear marks but I would much rather this than see, like so many that have been badly over polished in the past.

The Camaro is a blend of the early manually wound Carreras and the later Monaco’s, with the combination of a square cushion case and straight lugs, evocative of a Monaco, and manual calibers and dials similar to Carreras. Larger than a Carrera but without the heft of a Monaco, the Camaro is as comfortable on the wrist as it is stylish.

This is a worthy addition to any collection and a watch you are unlikely to see anyone else wearing.

The watch is fitted to a quality brown leather sports strap which helps to pick out the chocolate hues to the dial when you catch it in the sunlight

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