About this watch

Laco watches are a German manufacturer who have been in business since 1925 and are still in business today, manufacturing large aviator style watches. During WWII they made a series of very large aviator watches for German Luftwaffe pilots along side other famous manufacturers such as A-Lang and Shone . The watches where made to the highest possible quality and accuracy as the build quality and durability alongside the timekeeping where paramount.

 As you can imagine many of these pieces simply didn’t survive the war and those that did where often heavily damaged from warfare. This example is one of the few we have seen that has survived in unscathed but totally original condition. The movement is pristine, the dial and hands totally original and the case is simply outstanding, the watch has all the vintage character it should and shows light marks from military use but is otherwise as good as they come.

The watch is substantial, the original Durowe D5 movement is in perfect condition and working as it should. The outer case has the correct FL23883 engraved on the left side of the case and the 23 identifies it as a navigator’s watch. Unlike most watches of this period these watches were signed out from stores prior to missions and signed back in afterwards, such was the quality of the watches made and their relative value at the time.

This is a stunning piece of military history and if only it could tell the stories it has seen, a remarkable piece and a true statement watch, measuring a whopping 55 mm excluding the crown it certainly will be the talking point of any conversation.

 Our stock number 756