About this watch


During the 1960’s and 1970’s LIP where at the forefront of the diving watch market, during the 60’s they collaborated with Blancpain, one of the most famous dive watch companies in the world to produce LIP/ Blancpain divers watches, which were also supplied to the French Navy.

In the 1970’s the company took huge strides forward, producing some of the most innovative watches in the world, which have now become icons of style, including the distinctive ‘roger tallon’ chronograph. Like many French companies they were known for being at the cutting edge of design and technology, which resulted in them making some of the most memorable watches of the period.

This stunning LIP divers watch from c 1971 when Lip were at their best was one of the watches they produced completely in house, its 41 mm waterproof stainless steel case is equal in quality to any other big manufacturer of the time such as Omega or Rolex. The distinctive electric blue dial and blue Bakelite bezel make it is must have for the enthusiast or sportsman alike.

The watch is running a Duromat or Durowe automatic movement which were made in Germany and supplied to many top makers at the time and is in near new old stock condition, like the rest of this stunning piece appearing never to have been worn. It comes with its original tropic strap and buckle and really is a fabulous piece of watch making history which you can use all day every day. This is a really cool watch and from one of the most famous French watch makers there is, a great watch to wear all day every day or to bring out on special occasions to blow your friends Rolex Submariner out of the water.

The movement also features an unusual date set feature If you pull the crown to the first position and turn it clockwise to change the date, and turn anti clockwise to change the day.

stock no- 654