About this watch

These fantastic pieces from the late sixties and early seventies are quickly gaining a cult status and its easy to see why they are real style icons of that period but with this piece in particular its not just a pretty face.

The Nautic-Ski was one of the most advanced divers of its time, thanks to its Super Compressor case boasting a 200-meter water resistance.

Launched in 1967, the Nautic-Ski was a carefully planned release for Lip's 100th anniversary. It was technically advanced, as it relied on the electronic caliber R184. In addition, its Super Compressor case offered an inner rotating bezel to securely time any dive. The "Ski" part of its name reflected the popularity of this sport, just one year before the Winter Olympic Games at Grenoble (and the famous ski ads made by the French designer Roger Excoffon). Initially sold for 375 Francs at its launch, the Nautic-Ski quickly became a best-seller for the French manufacturer Lip.

This is a great value classic

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