About this watch

This remarkable Longines Chronograph dates from a period when Longines were without doubt one of the best watch makers in the world. The case is huge measuring 42 mm excluding the crowns, it was marketed at the time as Longines Divers Chronograph, producing in circa 1968 it was released to the market long before Omegas ‘Big Blue’ and was very much the watch Omega emulated when making the big blue.

The watch is running the famous Valjoux 7733 movement which is presented and dressed in Longines livery. The watch was built as a semi professional sports chronograph, with all the things you would expect from a true tool watch, bullet proof movement, all stainless steel construction, rotating divers bezel and screw/ waterproof case.

Everything about this remarkable watch screams quality. It clearly led a privileged life but shows a beautiful even patina as you would hope a period late 60’s diver’s chronographs would show. This is one of the rarest divers chronographs you will find and not to be confused with the ‘skin divers’ chronographs of the 1960’s, this really is the best of the best and is a remarkable and timeless classic.

our stock number 602