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Dennison 9K Omega 

This spectacular solid gold Omega is really something quite special, not only because it is in simply time warp exemplary condition but because it is firstly and oversized 35 mm (excluding the crown) example and secondly is ‘Dennison’ cased Omega 13308 and manufactured in 9 K solid gold.

The serial number on the movement dates  manufacture to circa 1959 Although sold later in 1961 as confirmed by the Omega papers .

Dennsion are renowned for being one of the best case manufacturers in the world, from the early 1930’s they made gold cases for Omega, Rolex and many other manufacturers, the quality of their cases was of the highest standard and really were amongst the best gold cases in the world.

The company closed in the late 1960’s, mainly as a result of a failure to modernize, a real shame but also a real testament to English craftsmanship. The cases were made in very small numbers comparatively to the main manufacturers for the most part because their manufacturing wasn’t mechanized, the cases were made by hand.

This example is one of the first of the caliber 500 movements, running calibre 501. The watch came from Lincolnshire from the son of the original owner, it is never restored, never refinished and untouched, the dial is a stunning cream patina. The watch is even complimented by its original guarantee and instructions. £51 at that time (when the average weekly wage as £8) was over six weeks wages. It is presented on a NOS Hirsch genuine crocodile band with period Omega buckle.

You will not find a nicer example, when it’s gone it’s gone.

Stock Number 399

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