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The Swiss company Bucherer were one of Europe’s largest jewellers and held great sway with even the mightiest watch manufacturers so much so that they would occasionally request/demand that a small number of pieces were completely branded Bucherer rather than in this case Omega. Other than being signed Bucherer these watches were exactly the same as the Omega branded pieces although much scarcer.

As for the strange title of the watch we have to blame or thank the world famous and highly respected Omega authority the late Chuck Maddox who for reasons known only to himself decided to name a few Omegas from the early seventies after characters in the first Star wars films and these names have stuck with all serious Omega collectors ,Other than the famous Darth Vader we have the Anakin Skywalker and the Flat jedi to name just a few.

The Darth Vader is a real statement of a watch, the 44mm stainless steel case is coated in hard metal jet black tungsten and is what is often referred to as helmet shaped so its easy to see where its name came from ,The Black coated version is harder to find that the bright stainless steel or Anakin version in any condition but to find an example such as this one outside of a museum is nigh on impossible. This superb piece is in what can only be described as near new condition and comes with the scarcest dial variant which like the rest of this piece is amazing and a real statement watch

The movement used in this piece is the tried and tested Omega (badged Bucherer) cal 1873 or 861 as used in the Omega Speedmaster watches of the period.

This watch isn’t subtle although it’s amazing how comfortable it sits on the wrist and how mesmerizing that gorgeous dial is.

Very few of these variants ever see the market and I am confident when I say none will be a match for this example which comes in its original Bucherer box which like the watch is near perfect.

Fitted to a quality black leather strap this piece is in stock and ready for world wide shipping

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