About this watch

Its hard to believe this watch was manufactured in 1948 when the world was only just recovering from the devastation of WW2 but I think at the time if you could indulge yourself then a stunning timepiece like this example in 18ct Rose gold was just the tonic.

The 37 mm Rose gold case was then and is now a remarkable example of great craftsmanship but although a large size in its day and still very wearable today the beauty of this style of watch was also in its slim case designed to sit easily under a gentleman's cuff .

Inside the gold case beats the famous cal 265 manual winding movement which under slightly different variations was the heart of Omega watches for decades due mainly to its incredible reliability.

The untouched original ivory dial is the crowning glory of this piece and an absolute gem.

I have left this watch on its Omega strap which although showing some wear came with the piece ,Obviously I am happy to fit a new strap if required .

Being manufactured in 1948 this piece would make a stunning gift to anyone whose 70th  birthday is this year.

our stock number 5025