About this watch

Dennison Omegas are special pieces as they are Swiss Made Omega watches but with cases hand crafted in the UK. Dennison where amongst the most renowned case makers in the world throughout the 20th century, primarily working in solid gold but also making cases in stainless steel. Dennison where famed for making cases for Omega, Rolex, Longines and others and produced all of Omega gold cases for Constellation models sold in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

This stainless steel example is running calibre 266, it dates to approximately 1954 and is in simply stunning condition. The case is showing signs of been lightly polished but is in excellent and original condition. The watch wears extremely well at 33mm excluding the crown, it’s a beautiful piece. The gorgeous sunburst dial compliments the watch and really makes it stand out from other/ lesser pieces.

This may not be the most expensive watch on this site but its for exactly that reason I love it ,whoever buys it will really appreciate just how good a 56 year old watch can be and what great value as well

our stock number 5013