About this watch


This is a significant Omega Constellation ref 157 0002 from c 1968 not jut because it is in stunning condition but also as its demonstrates a remarkable achievement t in watch making .

The caliber 712 automatic 24 jewel movement measures only 3 mm in depth which makes it the thinnest automatic movement ever made by Omega ,This watch when made was aimed at a class of client that understood the etiquette of a dress watch with its simple design note that this model even loses the second hand which after all for most time pieces is irrelevant This client would also be very well off as these pieces were incredibly expensive to make .

The 34 mm stainless steel case is fitted to an integral stainless steel Omega bracelet  in equally great condition

Coming from 1968 this watch has the potential to make a great 60th birthday gift for a special someone .

stock number 692