About this watch

With design inspired by the military watches delivered to the British military during WW2 these watches were ahead of their time in the 1990's but looking at them now twenty years layer they are right on que.

The 39mm stainless steel case houses the fantastic quality 44 jewel calibre 1138 movement is perfect for today and on this later quality sports strap it looks the part as well .

Add to all of the above the possibly unique  engraving on the case back and you will certainly own a piece worthy of conversation at the dinner table or boardroom.

Please note I have ordered an extract from the Omega museum and even discussed this piece personally with the director of the museum and we don't believe that the watch left the factory with the Apollo references engraved ,however it is rumoured that an Italian retailer embellished some stock items himself and our archive documents confirm that this watch was originally supplied to Italy, Alas that is the end of my research into this matter but I wish the new owner well with theirs should they choose to.

Whatever the answer to that riddle the quality of this piece is undeniable and a credit to the previous owner as it is stunning .

Stock No. 160