About this watch

This is one of the most important watches in Omega history, it marks the companies first ever quartz watch. The watch was developed by 17 Swiss manufactures (including Rolex and Patek Phillipe) in 1969 and was introduced in production format the same year.

Omegas version, the Electroquartz was one of the most prolific Beta 21 watches, they produced circa 10,000 units in total between 1969 and 1976. These watches where hugely expensive when new, they were by far Omega’s most costly watch with the exception of their precious metal pieces.

This example is second to non, it is the most sought after ‘pruprite’ variation, known as such because of the angular case which is higher at the top than the bottom as in a writing desk, it really is a wonder of design and technology.

Shortly after the Basle watch fair in1970 the Electroquartz became commercially available to the public in 18-carat gold and Stainless Steel, both with the pupitre case design at a cost of £1150 in 18-carat yellow gold with integral bracelet and £330 in Stainless steel, by contrast the Moonwatch was £93.50 and the now coveted bullhead was only £90.50.

This stunning watch is fitted to a new old stock Omega leather strap with Buckle

This is a  great piece of watch making history, a remarkable piece. and a sure fire investment opportunity 

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