About this watch

The Omega F300 series of watches was a remarkable turning point in watch making, combining a mechanical movement which ran via a tuning fork mechanism and a battery as opposed to a traditional balance.

The watches where Omegas flagship pieces when introduced and were considerably more expensive than their mechanical brothers and the build quality of the pieces reflected the higher price tag.

This example is as close to new old stock as you can get a truly great watch the Omega F300, the case and bracelet are made by Shackman's, a British gold smith who produced a huge range of Gold cases and bracelets for Omega right through the 1960’s and 1970’s (due to gold import restrictions in the UK). Shackman's were renowned world wide for producing cases and bracelets of the highest quality. 

Incredible accuracy

The F300 line is incredibly accurate  and highly sought after in any event however in this condition and in solid gold with the original solid gold Omega bracelet complete with original box and all papers dating this stunning piece to 1978 it goes to another level and yet remains extremely good value

absolutely as new and yet 40 years old this has to be the best birthday gift ever

Stock number 421