About this watch

This spectacular solid gold Omega is really something quite special, not only because it is in simply time warp exemplary condition and very close to stock but because it is firstly an oversized 34 mm (excluding the crown) example and secondly is very rare London made case by CWC manufactured in 9 ct solid gold.

CWC are renowned for being one of the best British goldsmiths of the period who made gold cases for Omega, Rolex and many other manufacturers, the quality of their cases was of the highest standard and really were amongst the best gold cases in the world.

This example is one of the first of the caliber 610 movements, renowned as one of the best manual movements Omega ever made. The watch is complimented by a flawless silver brush finished dial with the famous Geneve script, it is stunning.

It is a remarkable and wearable piece and gives the best of both worlds being vintage but in near new condition and never refinished or restored.

Manufactured in c 1959 this is  amazing at nearly 60 years old

Our stock number 447