About this watch

Possibly one of the most important watches of our lifetime and for Omega the result of a huge investment of 30,000,000 Swiss francs and the determination to produce the most accurate wrist watch in the world ever and to this day the only watch certified as a marine chronometer.

Most modern chronometer watches are at very best accurate to one second per day, this is accurate to one second per month. Its also worth noting that when new the cost of this watch in 1977 was $1,850 which was a staggering amount of money 40 years ago.

This watch is so important that one is on display in the British museum in London

This example is in stunning and original condition, there were only 7000 caliber 1516 watches ever made, all in 1976 and all sold between 1976 and 1978. The case is original and never refinished, the watch shows the original serial number on the movement replicated uniquely on the front of the case. The case is solid stainless steel with 14 K gold plaque and bezel, and integrated stainless bracelet, it truly is a wonder to behold and wear.

This piece has been completely overhauled by Swiss Tec the UK's finest vintage Omega centre and is fully guaranteed .During this service the we also had all the bracelet pins replaced and the bracelet refinished to factor y standard.

Our stock number 763