About this watch

Indulge me for a moment,,, as far as watchmaking is concerned the 1970's is sadly most remembered for the so called quartz crisis during which many great Swiss watch makers disappeared as they couldn’t compete with the cheaper quartz watches arriving from the far East ,what many people overlook is that prior to the seventies many great Swiss watchmakers had already been pursuing the development of quartz powered watches ,the famous and highly collectible Beta 21 movement was the result of a group of these companies including Rolex and Omega working together to develop a highly accurate and reliable movement .

During the late sixties Omega was also working on a solo project with development costs rumoured to be around 30,000,000 Swiss Francs ,a huge amount of money  50 years ago the sole aim of this project was to produce the worlds most accurate wrist watch and one example of the result of this endeavor sits proudly in the British Museum and happily now I am offering someone the opportunity to purchase a stunning example of this remarkable feat

Only ever produced in very small numbers of less than 1000 this stunning example  will  be one of the finest available today as it has also just returned from being serviced at Swiss Tec the UK specialist in this type of rare watch and so is fully guaranteed for 12 months

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