About this watch

This truly is one of a kind, its often that term is used when referring to vintage watches but this is one of only a handful of prototype Megaquartz 32Khz made branded as an Omega electroquartz.

The Omega Megaquartz was Omegas first in house production quartz movement, following the hugely expensive Beta 21 and Megaquartz F2.4Mhz watch, renowned for being the first Swiss Quartz watch and the most accurate watch Omega have ever made.

This Omega Megaquartz 32 Khz is one of very few examples known to exist with an Electroquartz branded dial. This was part of a very small early production batch of watches which Omega branded along the same line as their original Electroquartz model.

The 37 mm stainless steel case is fitted to an integral stainless steel full size bracelet and the condition is amazing.

The watch is boxed in its original black and orange plastic box and comes complete with the original booklet and hang tags  it really is unique and one of a kind, with Omega prototypes rocketing in value this is an amazing investment opportunity and a watch you can be absolutely assured that no one else you know will own.

Our stock number 793