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Any regular visitor to my web site will already know I am a huge fan of these although great examples are getting increasingly hard to find .This example is in absolutely stunning condition both case and bracelet show very little signs of wear and the dial is stunning and absolutely free from cracks. I really do believe that this is one of the nicest examples available today.

Developed by Omega in the late sixties at enormous expense, it was the climax of their quartz watch making, the most accurate Omega ever made and amongst the most accurate watches ever made, accurate to 1 second per month

The Calibre 1510 was most famously produced with an aventurine crystal dial, nicknamed the ‘Stardust’. The watch came in a number of variations of dials: stardust (silver and gold), waffle dial in black, blue and brown and electric blue dial, by far the most coveted of the production models is the stardust dial,

The total production run of calibre 1510 was also 1000 units, around 800 of which were produced in stainless steel with a variety of dials and 200 were produced in solid 18 carat gold (weighing over 200 grams) with either stardust or electric blue dials,

The original list price in 1974 for a calibre 1510 was £604 in stainless steel and £3275 in 18 carat gold, by contrast the Moonwatch was £134!

This is a very rare and highly sort after timepiece that will certainly increase in value but also is incredibly wearable today.

The watch comes with the Original and correct Mega quartz box which is harder to find than the watch and would sell on its own for aver £400

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